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        2021年3月初,应bet36亚洲版江荣副教授邀请,英国斯旺西大学Mark Whittaker教授、南安普顿大学Fabrice Pierron教授通过腾讯会议向我院师生做了精彩的报告,报告结束后我院师生与两位教授进行了深入交流,会议由江荣主持。

        3月2日晚上19:00-20:00,Mark Whittaker做了题为《Phase angle effects under thermo-mechanical fatigue in a nickel-based superalloy》的线上报告。来自英国斯旺西大学结构材料研究所的教授Mark Whittaker主要从事材料的蠕变及热机械疲劳行为研究,Mark Whittaker曾与Rolls-Royce、timemet、Pratt & Witney和Forged Solutions等行业合作伙伴进行过广泛合作,在工程界内有着重要的影响。Mark Whittaker介绍了一种新型镍基高温合金的热机械疲劳裂纹萌生和扩展行为。重点介绍了外加应力和温度条件下,在同相位角和反相位角试验期间,镍基高温合金试样的热机械疲劳行为,并通过进行针对性的测试,揭示了动态裂纹扩展受氧化影响的作用机理。

        3月4日下午17:00-18:00,Fabrice Pierron做了题为《The next generation of high strain rates tests based on imaging: the IB test series》的线上报告。来自英国南安普顿大学工程与物理科学学院的教授Fabrice Pierron主要从事工程金属(包括焊接)、聚合物、复合材料、木材、泡沫、混凝土等可变形固体力学行为的研究,在国外知名期刊发表了146篇期刊论文,被引用超过5000次,在学术界有着重要的影响。通过介绍2014年至2020年之间在研的大型科研项目,Fabrice Pierron重点讨论了该项目开发的三种基于图像的高应变速率测试技术,并介绍了其在复合材料、金属材料中的应用。

        随后,我院的青年教师张禄博士就镍基高温合金的热机械疲劳行为与Mark Whittaker进行做了深入交流,我院副教授江荣以及部分研究生也参与了交流。




Professor Mark Whittaker works at the Institute of Structural Materials at Swansea University, with a background in high temperature materials. Following his PhD in 2003 he undertook postdoctoral research mainly based around fatigue lifing of titanium alloys, before accepting an RCUK Research Fellowship in 2007, leading to promotion to Senior Lecturer in 2012, Associate Professor in 2015 and Professor in 2019. His research interests over this time have extended to high temperature lifing of materials with a particular focus on material behaviour under creep and thermo-mechanical fatigue conditions. Prof Whittaker has worked extensively with industrial partners including Rolls-Royce, TIMET, Pratt & Witney and Forged Solutions. He also collaborates with national and international research partners and has published over 60 papers in peer reviewed journals, also making invited presentations at a number of international conferences.


Fabrice Pierron is a Professor of Solid Mechanics at Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton. He obtained his PhD with the highest grade in Macromolecular Materials and Composites from Lyon I University, France in 1994. After a short post-doctoral period at École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne, he was awarded a lectureship there (1994-1999). He got his first full professor position in 1999 at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (ENSAM, France), Châlons-en-Champagne campus, at the age of 33, one of the youngest full professors in mechanical engineering in France at the time. And then he moved to University of Southampton in 2012. He is the Editor in Chief of the journal Strain since 2010 and Fellow of the Society for Experimental Mechanics since 2012. He has published 146 peer-reviewed journal paper, with more than 5000 citations. His research interests lie in the general area of the mechanics of deformable solids, including a very wide range of materials, from engineering metals (including welds) to polymers, composites, wood, foams, concrete, tissues etc. His research is methodological in nature, mainly experimental and underpins the design, simulation and validation of engineering systems.